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Little silly fairy • Also an artist • Ambitious pessimist

Working on trees sprites for Dave…


❀ about me ❀

I want too *-*


name: Lina (Elena)


birthdayNovember 4th

zodiac: scorpio

single or takentaken 

height: 176 cm

eye color: chameleon green

middle name: uh, no

favorite color: green

lucky number: 4, 13, 666 :3


hogwarts houseSlytherin

favorite fictional character:  lots of them!

favorite television show: dunno, maybe Doctor Who…

favorite season: autumn <3

describe yourself in a few words: don’t touch me (I want it actually)

future children’s names: huh, that’s a secret .3.

meaning of your name:  light

ultimate otp:  Doctor x Rose, John x Vriska, Madoka x Homura?.. .3. I just can’t remember all of them

what do you plan to/do for a living: BECOME FAMOUS someday

starbucks order: oh, I’ve never been there…


introvert or extrovert: introverted introvert :с

dawn or dusk: both

righty or leftyrighty

coffee or tea: both >w<

rain or shine: rain

reading or writing: reading


Selfies time again.

A lovely amulet my friend gave me like a… week ago? I hope it’ll help and control me, especially today .~.

Had a lot of fun on our local animecon this weekend! Also won the 4koma contest here <3

Hello you beautiful human. Once you get this, you must publicly say five things about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favourite followers. Not back to me. <3 Sincerely, misschizuchi

Whoa, my first flashmob here…

- I collect colorful stuff, which is often useless.

- Actually I’m a very asocial person and I don’t trust people.

- I have huge problems with my health. ‘xD My main disease is epilepsy.

- I love men with beards and long hair. *____* (I like to braid them <3)

- I’m now studying to be an architect and interior designer.